Car Cost Calculator

Want to work out just how much your trusty motor is costing you? Fancy a new car and trying to figure out how much it’ll set you back? We’re using data sourced from averages around the country to work out the cost of your fuel, insurance and general running costs.

What are you waiting for? Use our car cost calculator to see how you spend your driving dosh.

Pinching your wallet at the pumps? Here’s why (we’re using average prices from

Cost of fuel in pence:

Miles per gallon:

Est. daily distance covered (miles):

Days driven per week:




Of course, fuel isn’t the only pricey thing about owning a car! From actually buying your vehicle to insuring it, prices can skyrocket! We’re looking at the cost of owning a car across a 31-day month.

Yearly Road Tax (£)

Yearly Insurance Premium (£)

Monthly Breakdown Cover (£)

Monthly Car Payment (£)

Months Owned

Other monthly costs (Repairs, Parking, Toll roads etc)


Your fuel is costing you an average of [AVGP] per day.

That’s [AVGP*31] per month and [AVGP*365] per year!

Your car is costing you an average of [AVGP] per day.

That’s [AVGP*31] per year!



Driving can be pricey, but there are things you can do to reduce your car costs. Here are our top tips and how much they can save you.

Drive economically by reducing weight in your car, not speeding and reduce air con use – this can save up to 20% on your fuel cost.

Buy fuel wisely. This can save up to 20% on your weekly fuel price.

Purchase a car in a low-tax, low-insurance group. Use our tool again with a more efficient car to test how much you’d save!