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- 28/07/2017, owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Diesel Saloon 2.2 JTDM-2 180 Speciale 4dr Auto

User rating: 5/5


 The Alfa Romeo Giulia Speciale is a wonderful car. Have driven cars from numerous brands in the past but nothing compares to the way that this car handles. You need to test drive one of these cars as you will be sold on it before you reach the end of the road! The first thing that you will notice is the look of the car, it is something to behold. I have read in a few articles regarding this car that it looks like a 3 series and the only response to that is 'in what world'?! BMW will never create a mid size saloon that has the beauty of an Alfa Romeo, it just will not happen. It is worth paying the extra for the sport kit which comes with the Speciale [180bhp diesel unit] and the Veloce [280 bhp petrol unit]. The wider honeycomb grille at the front, the large rear diffuser and larger rims as standard really do add to the visual impact. The quality of the interior is the next thing that you will see and you will feel the comfort of the seats as you slide in. The dashboard is a perfect mix of Italian design and minimalism which is both elegant and sporty. The materials are very nice throughout - with the exception of the doorbins, these are probably made of the worst plastic I have ever seen in any motor vehicle. Truly horrible and frankly baffling why they selected this plastic - because if Alfas aim was to find the cheapest nastiest plastic they could find they have truly excelled. That said, how often do you use the door bins?! Fire up the engine and you will not care about whether you have door bins or not. The engine button is set on the steering wheel as it is on a Ferrari and has a very nice feel as you press - this button is where the fun begins. I purchased the 180hp diesel variant and when you are driving along you would not know that you are driving a diesel. I have driven petrol engined cars for many years after owning a C220d as to say that this engine was rough between 1st and 2nd gear would be underselling it. This engine is so smooth and revs and accelerates so freely it feels closer to a petrol engine. The only thing you miss out on with this engine is the amazing noise that erupts from the twin pipes on the Veloce version. What I will add to that however is this car is very quiet and until you kick down the right foot you will not hear any difference. The diesel has a lot of torque, 450nm at 1750 revs to be exact, and this leads to some very smooth and strong acceleration. 7.1 seconds is all the sprint to 60 mph takes. This sprint is a little surreal at times and you need to keep an eye on the speed because when you drive the right foot down the car accelarates quietly and swiftly and does not need to drop two gears due to the level of torque that is on-tap. The petrol engine will drop the gears, you will hear a fantastic noise from the rear - as does half of the road you are driving up - and you are off. It is more of an obvious feeling. You get used to this and can be thought of as a ninja sports saloon as it will be swift and discreet [engine note]. When driving aggressively though, it does have a surprisingly sporty engine note for a diesel engine. The car has near perfect weight distribution, and by far the best in the class. The steering can not be bettered at this price point. Overall this is a great car and you can not go wrong with this purchase. As somebody that bought one, I can answer the question whether I would buy it again in one word - absolutely! If I had have purchased any of the other cars in this class and then had the opportunity to drive this car I would probably cry myself to sleep at night. 

- 23/01/2017, owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Diesel Saloon 2.2 JTDM-2 180 Speciale 4dr Auto - 2017

User rating: 4/5


 Fantastic performance. Like the automatic gearbox. Not keen on the Connect System... May get acquainted in time. 

- 16/04/2017, owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Diesel Saloon 2.2 JTDM-2 180 Speciale 4dr Auto

User rating: 5/5


 Guilia is everything that the motoring press have said it is - excellent! A true Alfa, the styling is fantastic, the interior finish is classy, the engine and handling are superb. Do not buy this car if you don't want admiring glances! Do buy this car if you want to catch sight of every BMW, Audi and Mercedes driver looking at you, out of the corner of their eye, saying to themselves 'why didn't I buy that car!' There are faults but without it wouldn't be a true Alfa. The near side windscreen wiper leaves its mark directly in your view. The infotainment system constantly ignores which device to connect to first. On a bright day the dashboard reflection in the windscreen can be a bit off putting and finally there is very little useable storage space in the cabin BUT these are small issues. The biggest thing is the smile when you walk towards it to get in or the smile you have when you are getting out! I love this car! 

- 16/03/2017, owner of an Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon 2.0 TB Super 4dr Auto

User rating: 5/5


 The new Giulia has met and even exceeded my expectations. The 2.0 petrol model has ample performance, smooth and tractable around town, with real punch for overtaking when needed. Alfa's DNA system makes a real difference to the performance and feel of the car in the different modes - N is used most of the time for general motoring, with A available to maximise economy when motorway cruising. D sharpens up the responses of steering and brakes, while being more ready to drop down a gear or two if you want to have some fun on an open road. The auto gearbox is so smooth that changes are barely noticeable, but the car always seems to be in the right gear, although manual shifting is still available if you feel so inclined. The interior is a very pleasant place to be - comfortable seats with plenty of room front and rear. The infotaintment screen is superbly integrated into the dash and can be configured to suit your preferences, with a split screen available, so that satnav and radio selection can be visible side by side. Switch it off and you wouldn't know that the screen is even there, so well integrated is it. Interior trim is smart, even in my Super trim and the controls are all smooth and easy to operate. There's every bell and whistle imaginable available and it all works flawlessly. In my opinion, the Giulia stands comparison with anything else in its class, including the vaunted German brands, which aren't as good as they are cracked up to be. Buy a Giulia - you won't regret it. 


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