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Vauxhall Agila average rating: 3.5/5 (1 reviews)

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- 12/03/2017, owner of a Vauxhall Agila Se Auto - 2014

User rating: 3.5/5


 I have made big changes in buying this car. First with the size, having had a Volvo Estate previously. Despite the fact that it is a much smaller and narrower car than the Volvo, I feel that there is ample space and headroom inside and the ability to raise the front seats higher means that I can just slide across onto the seat rather than lower myself into it. The higher position also gives me a much better view when driving. I certainly miss the huge luggage space at the back of the Volvo, but I find the comparatively tiny space in the Agila so far adequate for my needs. Another change is with the transmission - the Agila is full automatic and I have driven only cars with a manual gearbox for the last 45 years. I was very apprehensive about this at first, but I found that the "platform" for my left foot was extremely helpful in keeping it firmly out of the way and far from having a problem, I have found it so easy to use and far less tiring for my legs and feet.  


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