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Vehicle Technicians at Motorparks
"I have always had a interest in engineering from my Grandad and always liked vehicles so it made sense joining the motor trade."
Russell - Vehicle Technician at Invicta Motors

Vehicle Technicians who successfully join us will receive a 'Welcome Bonus of £1250'

£625 will be paid after 3 months employment. The remaining £625 will be paid after 6 months service and subject to the successful completion of the probationary period. This does not include those employed previously within the Cambria Automobiles Group in the previous 6 months and does not include Apprentices.

We are looking for Vehicle Technicians to carry out inspection and service routines, repairs and testing of vehicles in a professional and safe manner. Ideal candidates will;

  • Have technical experience and qualifications
  • Take pride in their work and be committed to excellence
  • Can work independently as well as part of a team


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Meet Graham

With a passion for fixing things from an early age, Graham is a key member of our servicing management team at Grange Jaguar Land Rover.

Watch his short Q&A and apply to join our journey today.

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Meet Steve

McLaren Vehicle Technician Steve has always had a fascination with building things from an early age. Find out why he has a great passion for his role at Grange and how he delivers a world-class experience to our visiting guests.

Watch his short Q&A and apply to join our journey today.

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