Buying a vehicle

"Do you buy cars? I currently have a Ford Fiesta that is three years old, can I part exchange this car and buy a new Seat from your Swindon Dealership."

Yes, the normal procedure is that you will be offered a part-exchange price for your existing car and this will be used to reduce the sum due for your new car. In the unusual event that the car you own is worth more than your replacement car then the dealer will write you a cheque for the balance.

"Are you able to provide finance at a competitive rate?"

Yes, we are regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and can provide competitive finance for up to five years, subject to status.

"Can you assure me that the car I buy is yours to sell?"

Absolutely, we HPI every car prior to purchase, this is a check carried out prior to us buying any car, which proves that the customer has legal title to sell the car and it also establishes any outstanding finance.

"My car is on finance, it has 8 months left will you pay this for me?"

Yes, we will contact your finance company who will tell us what amount is outstanding, this will be deducted from our agreed part exchange allowance.

"Do I need a deposit?"

No, you don't require a deposit. What's more, if you have a car to part exchange, we will take it as deposit, regardless of age or condition, with or without an MOT.

"Can I have some cashback from my car?"

Many of our customers choose to take cashback as part of their new deal as a way of paying for a summer holiday or for a special occassion etc. Just ask one of our customer advisors for details.

"Can I test drive the car?"

Of course and we would welcome it, in fact we recommend that you never buy a car without trying it first.

"Can I drive my vehicle away the same day?"

Yes. Some of our customers choose to drive their new car away the same day. If you wish to take advantage of this service, please bring the following with you when you visit:

  • Driving Licence (holders of photo ID licence must bring counterpart)
  • Utility bill (preferably home phone bill showing current address and dated within the last 3 months)
  • Proof of signature (Passport, Credit/Switch card etc)
  • Last two wage slips
  • Your part ex documents (if applicable) YOU MUST BRING YOUR LOG BOOK V5 IF YOU WISH TO PART EXCHANGE
  • Current insurance details

"How are your cars prepared?"

Every used car undertakes an extensive pre-delivery inspection before sale. If the car needs new tyres, exhausts, clutch, MOT, pads, shoes etc or if we envisage items wearing out soon, we replace them.

"Are any of your cars imported?"

All vehicles are guaranteed full UK specification. If on the rare occasion we decided to sell an import, we would label it very clearly to avoid any confusion.

"How often is your web site updated?"

Our site is continually updated to reflect new models and discounts as they become available. Please feel free to confirm prices with any of our dealerships.

"Do you have a question that's not listed?"

Please either telephone 0870 060 6068 or e-mail info@swindonmotorpark.co.uk


"Do your cars come with a warranty included?"

New cars come with three years warranty included as standard. Used cars will have the balance of this warranty remaining up to the third birthday. Extended Warranty may be purchased to start from the end of the manufacturer warranty up to a maximum of three years. Normally if the car has 10 months warranty remaining then we would suggest you top it up to match the likely period you will keep the car. So if you keep your car for three years then we would suggest buying an additional 26 months warranty to start when the manufacturer one expires. If the car is three years old or more then warranty may be purchased for up to three years cover..

Details of our warranty product can be found here.