Right here, you’ll find our car finance calculator, to give you a rough estimate of finance costs, and our jargon-free quiz, that helps to find out the best car finance option for you. You’ll be guided along the way by Mr Motorparks – follow this way…

Need a guide on price? Step this way...
If you already know what car you want and have a deposit ready to go, give this car finance calculator a go to find out what your monthly payments could be. fill in this form and get in-the-know!

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Please note this is a guideline to the finance payments you could be paying. For a comprehensive quote, contact your nearest Motorparks dealership today.
What type of car finance is right for me?
What kind of car do you have in mind?
Something simple and functional, for me and my family.
I want it premium, pretty speedy I’d say. Probably something high-value.
I’m keeping my options open and playing it cool at this stage.
Do you want to own the car as a result of your finance plan?
Yes, as soon as possible
Yes, but at the end of the finance term works for me.
I’m easy like a Sunday morning, I’d like the chance to decide another time.
No ownership for me, I want to give it back and get something new in the future.
What’s your priority, low monthly costs or owning the car ASAP?
I want to own it and I’m happy to get higher monthly repayments to get it sooner
I want low monthly costs, but want to own the car at the end of the term.
I want it all - low monthly payments, and if I want it I’ll pay the rest at the end.
Tell us what you’re thinking in terms of loans...
I’m thinking of getting a personal loan.
I want a loan, and to use the car as security.
I’m keen for a loan at a fraction of the car’s value.
I don’t really want a loan, I’d rather lease or contract hire the vehicle.
Are you a business or individual?
I’m an individual; no VAT for me
It’ll be a business car, and may claim VAT back.
Finally and most importantly,
which of these songs best describes your road trip anthem?
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
- The Proclaimers
Born To Run
- Bruce Springsteen
Go Your Own Way
- Fleetwood Mac
Shut Up and Drive
- Rihanna
Mr Motorparks has spoken, the right finance option for you is…
Personal Contract Hire (PCH) Finance

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) allows you to return your vehicle at the end of your finance term, making it a flexible option. Here’s how it works:

What's involved
  • Choose from a number of payment plans.
  • Make the agreed monthly payments for the agreed duration.
  • At the end, hand back your car.
  • Choose to walk away, or choose another vehicle under the same scheme.
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) Finance

You’re in good company: Personal Contract Purchase finance is a popular choice, as you can choose to exchange, buy or return the car at the end. Here’s how it works:

What's involved
  • Range of payment plans to choose.
  • Get a purchase plan that’s approved and supported by an accredited Motorparks’ finance provider.
  • You make the agreed monthly payments for the agreed duration.
  • At the end, choose from part-exchanging your car for a new one, pay a Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) payment to own the car, or return your car with no further payments.
Hire Purchase (HP) Finance

Hire purchase is a great choice if you want to own your car at the end of the deal. Here’s how it works:

What's involved
  • Choose from a number of payment plans (usually from 1-5 years).
  • Pay the initial deposit.
  • Make the agreed monthly payment, over the agreed time period.
  • Note: You’re hiring the car until you complete the final payment.
  • After your final payment, you have full ownership of the car.
Personal Loan

A personal loan is the choice for you. They can be taken from a bank, building society or finance company of your choice. Here’s how one would work:

What's involved
  • Terms and durations vary between agreements, so shop around.
  • Pay attention to the small print - including the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • Loans from banks for cars can be paid off over a number of years, and will almost certainly have a fixed rate of interest.