Dees & Invicta Ford Money Back Service Offer


All four of the following customer promises are offered to each customer, on each and every visit, or a full refund will be given for the work carried out:


Offer details:

  • 1. Unnecessary work will not be recommended
  • 2. One-to-One consultation with technician
  • 3. Complimentary, no obligation Vehicle Healthcheck will be carried out
  • 4. All prices quoted will be transparent. i.e. no hidden charges
Money back
To speak to one of our Ford Service Centres and book in your vehicle, call one of the below numbers and ask about the overnight service booking:
Service number
The following Terms and Conditions will apply:
"This promotion applies only to Dees & Invicta Ford locations only and Dees & Invicta Ford reserve the right to withdraw or change this promotion without prior notice. All refund requests must be brought to the attention of the Service Manager within 14 days of customer visit and the Service Manager must be allowed 5 days to respond.
1. The technician must be able to justify in writing the technical reasons why the work reported was (in the case of red work) either unsafe, illegal or preventative of a more serious/expensive repair, or (in the case of amber work) likely to need to be done or at least checked again, prior to the vehicle's next service date.
2. Consultation with technician must be by mutually agreed appointment only. Customers should contact service advisor to make a suitable appointment.
3. A Visual Health Check will not be completed for vehicles returning to the Ford Service workshop within 7 days of a previous visit and standalone MOTs are excluded.
4. Prices will only be quoted where the vehicle has been inspected. If the vehicle has not been inspected by the Authorised Repairer, only an estimate will be provided. Any additional work that becomes evident after the repair starts will always have to be authorised by the customer and followed by a separate quotation."

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