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Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Active - Adventurous by nature

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Ford Fiesta

Motorparks presents you with a huge selection of stylish New Ford Fiesta cars, and all at very affordable prices. The New Ford Fiesta will stand out in the motoring world thanks to its contemporary design - which is seen on the exterior and interior of the car - blending brilliantly with a raft of innovative pieces of technology.

Welcome to the new Ford Fiesta. Now available at our Motorparks' Ford dealerships.


Exhilarating performance and money-saving efficiency are both achieved when it comes to the new Ford Fiesta.

Efficient To Go Further

The engines found within this supermini can deliver up to 88.3 mpg (combined) while keeping CO2 emissions as low as 82 g/km, for instance. Helping you to go even further is the car's Auto Start-Stop feature, which will work to automatically turn off the engine when you're stuck in traffic or sat at a set of traffic lights.

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New Ford Fiesta - Efficient To Go Further
New Ford Fiesta - Selectable Drive Modes
Eco Button

Then there's the new Fiesta's Eco Button. Press it to lower the car's idle speed, reduce the fan speed of the vehicle's climate control system and reduce the rate of acceleration - all of which will give you a helping hand to save fuel.

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The new Ford Fiesta is a great-looking car, while also being convenient to those travelling in groups thanks to it being designed with a comfy and spacious cabin.

Exterior Design

While the body styling of the new Fiesta may appear similar to previous models, it has been presented with a subtly grown-up look. A number of creases in the body have been removed, for example, while extra curves have been added to the side sculpture.

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New Ford Fiesta - Exterior Design
New Ford Fiesta - Sporty Looks
Sporty Looks

To the rear of the car, vertical tail-lamps have been replaced with horizontal units which work to emphasise the vehicle's width. There's the option to add a luxurious two-part, glass panoramic roof too, which comes complete with an electrically operated roof blind, in order to give the vehicle a key focal point.

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Interior Design

Both the driver and passengers are in for a comfortable ride every time when taking a trip in the new Fiesta. You'll be surprised by the amount of legroom that's available in the front and rear seats for a supermini, for instance, while those behind the wheel are sure to appreciate the inclusion of a heated steering wheel.

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New Ford Fiesta - Interior Design


You won't be short of technology when you're getting used to the new Ford Fiesta, that's for sure.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Enjoy less stressful rides by getting to grips with the car's Adaptive Cruise Control system, while a built-in RADAR sensor works to keep you at a safe distance from other road users when used.

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New Ford Fiesta - Adaptive Cruise Control
New Ford Fiesta - Active Park Assist
Active Park Assist

You don't even need to worry about parking once you've reached a destination. This is because the anew Fiesta's Active Park Assist system includes a Parallel and Perpendicular Parking feature that will reverse you into suitable parking spaces, a Side Parking Aid that alerts you when there are lateral obstructions in your desired parking spot, and a Park Out Assist feature which gives you a helping hand to pull out of a space once the next road trip begins.

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There are many ways to make your new Ford Fiesta unique to you.

Choose Yours

The car can be chosen in three-door or five-door designs, for one, and you have the choice of eight different paintjobs - including exclusive Ruby Red and Blue Wave hues.

Take a test drive today at Ford Ashford, Ford Thanet, or Ford Canterbury dealerships.

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New Ford Fiesta - Personalisation

Learn about even more personalisation options by enquiring about any of our new Ford Fiesta cars online today. Have you also had a look at our new Ford Fiesta ST cars? Their striking design is sure to catch the eye. Motorparks also stocks an extensive collection of used Ford Fiesta cars, ranging from classic models to vehicles that have only recently come off the production line.

New Ford Fiesta Style

New Ford Fiesta at Motorparks Ford

Adventurous by nature.

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