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Ford Focus RS


Ford have now revealed to the world the all-new Ford Focus RS, a high performance road car which will deliver class leading performance and incredible handling all thanks to a new innovative Ford performance All-Wheel-Drive system making for an incredible driving experience.


The Focus RS will be powered with a high performance 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine similar to that found in the Ford Mustang Ecoboost. The Engine will be capable of producing in excess of 320PS and is the latest in a line of Ford performance cars following on the heels of the Ford GT supercar and the Ford Mustang.


The Focus RS is the 3rd generation of Focus RS, the first being released in 2002 and the second in 2009. Designed and developed by a team of Ford Performance engineers this will be the 30th Ford car to sport the legendary RS badge; it’s sure to become a future classic such as its predecessors, the Ford Escort RS1600 which featured a technologically ground breaking 16 valve engine in 1970, the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth which helped to lead the turbocharging revolution and the incredible 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth with its incredible four wheel drive system.


The dramatic exterior bodywork doesn’t just look good; but is designed to deliver enhanced aerodynamics and cooling. On the inside, the Focus RS will feature the best Ford of technologies such as Ford SYNC.


World Rally Cross driver and Gymkhana superstar Ken Block was brought in as a consultant to help develop the new Focus RS and joining the performance team at the cars official unveiling event in Cologne, Germany.


Ford Focus RS


Ford Performance All Wheel Drive.

The New Focus RS is one of the first RS’s in a while to utilise an all-wheel drive system. The new all-wheel drive system will deliver unparalleled levels of grip and agility all thanks to the advance torque vectoring system making for incredibly stable high cornering speeds.


Electronically controlled clutch packs on either side of the rear differential drive unit will manage the car’s front to rear torque spit as well as the level of torque distributed from left to right.


The rear control unit will monitor inputs from sensors 100 times a second continuously varying the front to rear and side to side power distribution to match the current driving situation and road conditions. Up to 70% of the drive torque can be diverted to the rear wheels and up to 100% of the available torque can be sent to each of the rear wheels.


During hard cornering the rear drive unit increases torque to the outside cornering rear wheel based on sensor readings taken from the steering angle, lateral acceleration, body yaw and overall speed. This has the dramatic effect of essentially driving the car into a corner, increasing turn-in speed, lateral stability and almost virtually ruling out understeer.


The incredible driving experience that the new Focus RS delivers isn’t just down to electronic gadgetry; a whole host of mechanical upgrades help to complete the package. Performance sports suspension, bushes and the anti-roll bars are all stiffer than the versions found in the Ford Focus ST.


Damping adjustment is selectable from within the car, giving the option of a road setting or a stiffer setting for track use. A redesigned steering geometry, featuring shorter link arms and a stiffer front suspension knuckle working in tandem with a highly tuned electric power assisted steering system give an incredibly responsive feel to the steering.


The exterior bodywork not only looks incredible but has been designed to fulfil certain design objectives. The front splitter, rear spoiler and underbody features have all been meticulously designed to help to eliminate lift, give a balance performance resulting in stable high speed handling.



The International Award winning Ecoboost technology can be found under the bonnet on the new Focus RS. The performance engineered 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine which is similar to the power plant found in the 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost has undergone significant design upgrades to deliver incredible performance and acceleration.


Capable of delivering on excess of 320PS the engine features a low inertia twin scroll turbo charger resulting in very low lag and incredible acceleration. A larger compressor which greatly enhances air flow coupled with a much larger intercooler to maximise charge density.


The air intake system has been designed so the air path is the least restrictive possible improving engine breathing; and a wide bore high performance sports exhaust system features and electronically controlled output to optimise back pressure to ensure turbo performance is optimised.


The Engine cylinder head has been produced and designed to withstand higher temperatures and the cylinder block features stronger high tensile cast iron cylinder liners to cope with the stresses of a high performance engine.


A lot of work has gone into engine cooling; the front end of the car has been designed to accommodate the largest radiator ever fitted to a Focus. The large radiator pack coupled with the design of airflow will help to keep the engine operating at optimum operating temperatures even under hard track use.


The transmission and clutch features significantly upgraded stronger components to cope with the engine’s incredible torque output. Even the gear lever has been designed to deliver shorter more accurate shifts.


The Focus RS will be fitted with Bi-Xenon HID headlamps as standard. Adaptive Front Lighting can adjust the brightness intensity and angle of the headlight beams taking into account the speed, the angle of the steering wheel and object distance. Active City Stop braking technology can be specified as an option.


The interior of the RS will feature highly supportive leather Recaro sports seats, providing a supportive seating position at high cornering speeds. The dashboard layout is that of the current Focus giving the same great levels of intuitiveness. SYNC technology features providing you with voice or touch screen control of music, satellite navigation and climate control and your smart phone all via a high resolution 8 inch colour touch screen. A rear camera can also be specified with parking distance control as well as premium Sony sound system featuring 10 speakers and a subwoofer for incredible music clarity.


Ford Focus RS




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