Ford Privilege Scheme


Dees of Croydon and Invicta Ford are pleased to announce that we participate in the Ford Privilege Scheme. The Ford Privilege Scheme allows current Ford Employee's, Ford Pensioners and Ford Beneficiary's and their families to buy a brand new Ford Car with additional Privilege savings. 


How does the Ford Privilege Scheme Work?

It really is simple; if you are a current Ford employee, pensioner or beneficiary, both you and your family can buy up to 3 Brand New Ford vehicles every 9 months with these savings. 


Which of my family can benefit?

As a Ford employee, pensioner or beneficiary the following members of your family can also take advantage of the Ford Privilege Scheme:


  • Spouse / Partner
  • Father / Mother
  • Son / Daughter
  • Brother / Sister
  • Father-in-law / Mother-in-law
  • Son-in-law / Daughter-in-law
  • Brother-in-law / Siser-in-law
  • Step son / Step daughter
  • Half brother / Half Sister
  • Step brother / Step Sister
  • Step father / Step Mother
  • Uncle / Aunt
  • Grandfather / Grandmother
  • Grandson / Granddaughter
  • Nephew / Niece


If your family member is not as listed or you would like to nominate a friend or neighbour they may also be eligible for some additional saving under the Ambassador scheme.


How do I enrol in the Ford Privilege Scheme?

Before you are able to make a purchase under the Ford Privilege Scheme you must first register to become eligible to use your Ford Privilege entitlement.


To register simply call the Ford Privilege Helpline - 08457 100 400 ; lines are open Monday to Friday, 08:30 to 16:45.


Alternatively you can contact Motorparks Ford 7 days a week during opening hours for further information about the cars and schemes and terms and conditions. You will have to provide your Ford Company Identification Number and provide some personal details for security reasons.


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