Ford Mondeo

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Ford Mondeo

Browse through a huge selection of stylish and spacious new Ford Mondeo cars here at Motorparks, and all at truly astonishing prices.

The Ford Mondeo represents the ideal balance between style and substance, enabling you to transport your whole family from A to B comfortably and in a car that is sure to turn heads.



Designed with a purpose beyond pure aesthetics.

A Rewarding Drive

As well as the new Ford Mondeo offering an engine line-up which delivers rewarding performance, there are many features of this family car which are designed to reward you with an incredibly comfortable drive.

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Ford Mondeo - A Rewarding Drive
Ford Mondeo - Intelligent AWD System
Intelligent AWD System

The vehicle's Active Grille Shutter system works to keep the grille vent open to cool the engine when you're driving at a slow speed, for instance. Meanwhile, the new Mondeo's intelligent AWD system is designed so that it can determine how much responsiveness, grip and cornering balance is required when you're trying to get from A to B in dry, wet or icy conditions - as well as across varying terrain.

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The new Ford Mondeo looks incredibly sleek and smart from the outside, while both natural and ambient lighting gives the family car's cabin an exceptionally relaxing feeling.

Exterior Design

You'll be certain to capture attention wherever you drive the new Ford Mondeo, thanks to the car's sleek exterior design.The grille looks like something suited to a sports car, while the bonnet stands out for its series of sharp lines. An arching roofline gives the vehicle an aerodynamic look too, while the car's rear catches the eye with its clean and smart appearance.

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Ford Mondeo - Exterior Design
Interior Design

Lighting is a particularly impressive element of the new Mondeo's interior. You can splash the cabin in so much natural light by opening the electronically operated roof blind that's attached to the car's panorama roof, for instance, or switch on the ambient lighting array to give the interior a subtle and sophisticated colour tone when driving at night.

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Ford Mondeo - Interior Design
Ford Mondeo - Enhanced Comfort
Enhanced Comfort

For even more comfort, the new Mondeo also comes complete with multi-contour seats which give the driver and the front passenger enhanced levels of comfort - these seats can even give you a massage as you progress along your road trip!

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There is an abundance of useful technology to be found on the new Ford Mondeo.

Stress-free Driving

You're sure to appreciate the car's rear-view camera when reversing into a parking spot, while both a Hill Start Assist feature and a Pre-Collision Assist system will take some of the stress out of being on the road.

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Ford Mondeo - Stress-free Driving
Ford Mondeo - Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure

We must mention the remote control central door locking system found on this family car too. Via a switch on the driver's door, those behind the wheel can select to open one of the car's doors while ensuring that the others remain securely locked - it's a feature that you're bound to make good use of if you regularly have child passengers.

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There are many ways to make your Ford Mondeo unique to you.

Decision Time

You get to select between six fantastic models when choosing to make the new Ford Mondeo your next set of wheels. Each trim is available in ten striking paintjobs as well, which includes the exclusive Guard, White Platinum and Ruby Red hues.

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Ford Mondeo - Personalisation

Enquire about any of our new Ford Mondeo cars you see below online today, as well as book a test drive to commence at one of our Ford dealerships. It is your choice whether you want the test drive to commence from our Ford Wimbledon, Ford Ashford, Ford Thanet, Ford Canterbury or Ford Croydon dealerships. Don't forget to also browse through our superb selection of used Ford Mondeo cars as well, which includes both classic models and vehicles that have barely any miles on the clock so are nearly new.

Ford Mondeo at Motorparks Ford

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