Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Embrace the efficiency of a hybrid

Ford Mondeo Hybrid

Here at Motorparks, you can order the exceptional new Ford Mondeo Hybrid - an electric car which embraces the efficiency of a hybrid of a hybrid vehicle but with the refinement you've come to expect from a Ford Mondeo.

From its unbelievably convenient state-of-the-art self-charging system to its cutting-edge design and smart technology, there is so much to admire when it comes to the Ford Mondeo Hybrid.


Designed and built for maximum efficiency in motion.

A Revolutionary Drive

Where better to start explaining the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid's performance than with its revolutionary self-charging system. Not only does this technology work to deliver the car with CO2 emissions of just 108g/km and a combined fuel economy of 58.9 miles per gallon, but it's also designed in a way that you won't need to plug in to recharge.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - A Revolutionary Drive
Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Powerful and Responsive
Powerful and Responsive

Being a hybrid vehicle, you also get the best of petrol and electric power combined with the new Mondeo Hybrid. The car's 2.0-litre petrol engine is highly efficient, powerful and responsive and so can handle longer journeys with ease, while the advanced electric motor works via a light lithium-ion battery and comes into play when undertaking shorter journeys or when driving at a low speed.

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Prepare to capture plenty of attention when driving the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid, thanks to the car's cutting-edge design. Due to its spacious cabin and incredible comfortable drive, passengers are in for a treat from the moment they step into this saloon too.

Exterior Design

What will be the first thing to catch your eye when checking out the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid's exterior for the first time? Perhaps it will be the saloon's sharp lines, which give the bonnet an aggressive look and also enhances the appearance of the doors. All of the car's paintjobs are striking in their designs too, while the inclusion of 16-inch alloy wheels are certain to attract attention as well.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Exterior Design
Interior Design

Step inside the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid and you're sure to instantly notice just how spacious this vehicle is - there's enough room in this car to accommodate even five adults comfortably. There's a lot of standard equipment to get to grips with throughout the saloon's cabin as well, including a large Ford SYNC 3 infotainment dashboard, comfy sports seats, Ford's clever Quickclear heated front windscreen and a stylish ambient lighting array.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Interior Design


There is an abundance of useful technology to be found on the new Ford Mondeo.

Smart Technology

The technology found within the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid sure is smart, especially when you consider that this car can learn when it's best to switch from petrol to electric power - such as when you're getting near to home towards the end of a road trip.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Stress-free Driving
Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Regenerative Braking System
Regenerative Braking System

This saloon also features a Regenerative Braking system. This technology can capture up to 90 per cent of the energy that is normally lost through friction brakes, with the energy then recycled in order to recharge the car's high-voltage battery.

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There are many ways to style a Ford Mondeo Hybrid to you.

Decision Time

Are you hoping to make the new Ford Mondeo Hybrid your next set of wheels? You'll next have to decide between ten equally remarkable paintjobs, including a trio of exclusive hues - White Platinum, Guard and Ruby Red.

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Ford Mondeo Hybrid - Personalisation

For further details regarding the personalisation options available on the new Mondeo Hybrid or to learn more about this saloon, either enquire online or visit your nearest Motorparks Ford dealership. For more choice, don't forget to check out our selection of new Ford Mondeo cars too.

Ford Mondeo Hybrid at Motorparks Ford

Embrace the efficiency of a hybrid.

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