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Ford New-KA-Plus

You'll be impressed by so many features found on the new Ford KA+, which is available to order here at Motorparks now. This nimble vehicle boasts agile and fun-to-drive handling and, despite its compact size, offers enough cabin space to seat five grown adults in a comfortable manner.

Welcome to the New Ford KA+. Now available at our Motorparks' Ford dealerships.


Exhilarating performance and money-saving efficiency are both achieved when it comes to the New Ford KA+.

Efficient To Go Further

Giving the new Ford KA+ its power is a new and advanced 1.2-litre petrol engine, which comes complete with a manual 5-speed transmission setup and improved torque over previous engines. This unit also enables the new KA+ to limit its CO2 emissions to just 114g/km. Prefer diesel? Then you'll be pleased to hear that an impressive 1.5L engine is available too.

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New Ford KA+ - Efficient To Go Further
New Ford KA+ - Maximise Effeciency
Maximise Efficiency

Whichever engine you choose, you'll also benefit from a Shift Indicator light on the instrument panel to achieve maximum fuel efficiency, as well as an Auto Start-Stop feature that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent.

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When it comes to the new Ford KA+'s design, versatility takes priority over flamboyance. You're also likely to be surprised by how spacious the car's cabin is, considering how compact the vehicle looks from the outside.

Exterior Design

There is plenty to capture your attention when it comes to the exterior of the new KA+. For instance, this vehicle is available in a variety of lively paintjobs. Enhancing the look of the vehicle even further is the inclusion of a few styling lines and surface contours, while the shape of the car gives it a functional setup.

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New Ford KA+ - Exterior Design
Interior Design

As well as being able to welcome up to five grown adults without any fuss, the interior of the new KA+ also houses some impressive pieces of smart technology. Stay connected wherever you go with the car's advanced SYNC 3 system, for example, and start the engine without needing to get your keys out of your pocket with a handy Ford Power starter button.

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New Ford KA+ - Interior Design

Once you're on the road, an unbelievable level of comfort is assured no matter the weather thanks to the inclusion of heated front seats.


You won't be short of technology when you're getting used to the New Ford KA+..

Stress-Free Driving

So much of the new Ford KA+'s technology has been designed to make driving a lot less stressful. A Hill Start Assist feature will temporarily stop the car from rolling backwards or forwards when you need to accelerate from a standstill on a hill, while rain-sensing windscreen wipers will automatically adjust depending on the weather you need to drive through.

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New Ford KA+ - Stress-Free Driving
New Ford KA+ - Electronic Stability Control
Electronic Stability Control

Then there's the technology there to keep you and your passengers safe. The Electronic Stability Control system will ensure you always stay in control, whatever the conditions, while handy sensors are present which will alert you if any of the car's tyres begin to lose pressure.

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Style your New Ford KA+ to you.

Choose Your Variant

There's three variants of the new Ford KA+ available - the Studio, Zetec and Active trims. Once you've picked between these models, the next choice will be to decide between five equally stylish paintjobs. Will you go for Deep Impact Blue, Moondust Silver, Oxford White, Shadow Black or Smoke Grey?

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New Ford KA+ - Personalisation

You can find out much more about the personalisation options available on the new KA+ and so much more about this vehicle by either enquiring about the car online or visiting your local Ford dealership. For even more choice, don't forget to also browse our extensive collection of used Ford Ka's cars.

Take a test drive today at Ford Ashford, Ford Thanet, Ford Canterbury, Ford Croydon or Ford Wimbledon dealerships.

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New Ford KA+ at Motorparks Ford

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