Suzuki Good Different at Motorparks

So, what does GOOD DIFFERENT actually mean?


Good question. Basically, buying a Suzuki should be like discovering the best-kept secret on the road. We do what we do differently to make driving simpler and better for our customers.

Our new TV advert should help explain it, watch below:


GOOD DIFFERENT is our gift to you, and there’s lots to unpack. But the most important bits are the following:

  • Hybrid as standard

We don’t think doing your bit should cost you, so with us you never pay more for a hybrid.

  • All the tech you need

You don’t need to spend thousands on extras to get the car you want.

  • Unexpected quality

Suzuki gives you quality that far exceeds the price point.

  • #1 for trust*

Best automotive customer service in the land. Officially.

Being GOOD DIFFERENT means other nice surprises for our customers, like:

  • Advanced safety extras on base models.
  • 14-day quibble free returns.
  • 4-wheel drive available on any model.


There’s more too, but we don’t have the space to get into it right now. To find out, you’ll need to come in and see us

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