A guide to car share schemes

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The return of Peter Kay’s Car Share has been a huge hit with audiences, with the first episode of the second series of the BBC One programme attracting 6.4 million viewers alone.

As well as the many laughs that the series has provided, has the show also got you thinking about how you can set up your own car share scheme? Here’s some advice to get you started...

Why the Fiat 500L makes for a perfect car share vehicle

A Fiat 500L was the vehicle which featured throughout Peter Kay’s Car Share, and for good reason.

A comfortable and spacious car from the well-known Italian manufacturer, the 500L benefits from having the space and interior comfort that you’d expect from a family-friendly MPV as well as the parking practicality of a city car.

Navigating busy streets is made even easier by the fact that the 500L’s ribbon windows and glazed pillars make for outstanding visibility too, while 22 storage compartments means that everything that you and your work colleagues ever need on a commute will always be within easy reach.

We mustn’t forget to mention the car’s 1.5-metre-squared skydome roof as well — it’s a magnificent feature that offers those on board with amazing views and ensures the vehicle captures attention wherever it goes.

Reasons to car share

There are many benefits to setting up a car sharing scheme, both for the driver and the passengers.

The initiative should see the driver spending less on fuel and parking fees, as the costs are usually split between all those involved in a car pool.

Of course, by having less vehicles on the road you will be helping towards your region achieving better air quality and lower carbon emissions as traffic fumes are reduced. There will be less congestion on the road too, not to mention more chance of finding a parking space once you reach the workplace.

From a personal standpoint, journeys should also be more pleasant as you enjoy the company throughout each commute.

How to get involved in a car share scheme

There are plenty of options available to you to get involved in a car share scheme.

In fact, it can be as simple as setting up an informal arrangement between family, friends and colleagues — whether they work at the same place as you or are employed next to your workplace, or along your usual commute.

There are many companies who arrange car sharing for their employees too, so don’t hesitate to ask around your workplace to see if this is the case.

Still no joy? You could always get involved in an organised car share scheme such as one from one of these organisations:

Tips for car sharing

There are a few things for drivers and passengers alike to bear in mind if they get involved in a car share scheme.

Both parties should take time ahead of the first day of travelling to arrange the time, date and price of a commute to avoid any confusion or awkward conversations once the initiative is underway. Make sure to swap contact details too, so that it’s easy to get in touch with one another about anything that might affect a journey.

Both the driver and passengers must never be late either. Delaying a journey by a few minutes may mean the entire car pool ends up being late for work, while tardiness is an unwanted trait that could easily affect the mood of a commute.

Be respectful too. For a passenger, this means checking if it’s OK to smoke in someone else’s car before lighting up and checking beforehand if it’s alright to have food and drink on the journey. Drivers meanwhile should respect the wishes of their passengers — some may like to chat throughout the entire time from A to B, but others may prefer a quiet commute and will be hoping to listen to the radio as opposed to striking up a conversation.