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Looking after your new car from Motorparks

September is one of the busiest months for car sales with the introduction of a new registration plate – when you are investing a lot of money into a new vehicle, you'll want to make sure it holds its value for future years if you should come to sell it.

We have created a handy guide with advice on how you can look after your car and make sure it holds its value for many years to come.

Avoid lazy driving

Although we may need to get somewhere in a hurry, driving recklessly can cause irreversible damage and decrease the value of your car.

When driving at a high speed with high levels of acceleration, unnecessary tension can be placed on your car components – leading to early wear and tear. Generally, when travelling at a high speed, braking is harsher too. This is damaging to your brake pads and can lead to them needing replaced sooner than usual.

Keeping both hands on the wheel is important too – not just for control but also for the upkeep of your car parts. Usually, if both our hands aren’t on the wheel, one hand is resting on the gearstick to make it easier to shift gear. However, this can cause strain on the bushings in the stick and cause wear and tear.

During rush hour, it is easy to keep our feet rested on the clutch instead of coming out of gear and back in again when the traffic begins to move. However, this again causes unnecessary wear of the clutch.

Speed bumps are another one to watch out for. Going too fast over speed bumps can affect the shocks in your car which can bend to the point of damage. Your exhaust is also at risk here as it is under your car and can scrape against a speed bump if you are travelling too fast.

Regular checks

Neglecting your car is the first step to decreasing the value of your car. The following are three important checks that you should make regularly to save you money and protect the condition of your car:

  • Oil – if you don’t replace the oil regularly, dirt can build up in the engine. This can cause damage and failure of the car which is expensive in the long term.
  • Tyre pressure – if the pressure is low in your tyres, it can lead to instability, accidents and of course, a flat tyre. Tyres are costly to replace and it is cheaper and safer to check the pressure frequently.
  • Headlights – having non-existent or dim headlights can lead you to bump into obstacles or scratch the body of your car due to low visibility. Paintwork and repairs can be expensive, in addition to the danger aspect of broken headlights.

Cleaning and protection

If you plan to resell your car in the future, the cleanliness and upkeep of the car will be one of the main selling points.

A dirty car will lead to the collection of dust and grime that can eat away at your shiny new interior and seats. Always keep the inside of your car clean by dusting, hoovering and wiping down surfaces regularly.

When washing the exterior of your car, follow these tips:

  • Use specialised car washing soap – washing-up liquid can damage the paintwork of your car and strip away wax.
  • Before washing your car, rinse it well with water. This will remove any large pieces of dirt than can scratch the outside of your car if it they are rubbed against the paintwork.
  • Always wax your car after you have cleaned it. The wax acts as a protector to your car from UV rays to prevent fading.
  • Wash off bird droppings immediately! These are acidic and can ruin the exterior of your car if they are left for a long period of time.

Here at Motorparks, we have plenty of cars for you to choose from and look after such as the new Jaguar E-Pace (opens a new window on Grange.co.uk).

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