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Who better to service your car than the experts? With an Aston Martin service, you can relax in the knowledge that your Aston Martin is in safe hands. Our approved service technicians are regularly trained in the latest techniques. They use only Genuine Parts, complete with a 12-month warranty, to ensure your car receives the very best service. Free checks for software and mechanical updates are, of course, included.

From £651** RRP, a genuine Aston Martin service is an investment that makes perfect sense. Why use or trust anyone else?

Servicing will include:

Oil filters
We replace your oil and oil filters each year, ensuring your engine continues to run smoothly and keeping wear and tear to engine components to an absolute minimum.

Pollen filters
Changing your pollen filter regularly helps to keep allergens, pollution and dust in the air from entering your car through the heating and air conditioning system. We therefore recommend that the pollen filter is changed every 20,000 miles.

Brake fluid
Our technicians change your brake fluid on either a one or two-year cycle, depending on the model. This is vital to maintain prime braking performance and reduce the corrosion of your car’s braking system.

Transaxle oils
Transaxle oils are essential for extending the life and smooth transmission of your car. Therefore they must be changed every 40,000 miles.

To optimise cooling system performance, we change your coolant every five years. Our expert technicians use only approved anti-freezing and anti-corrosive products on your car to make sure your coolant doesn’t freeze in cold conditions or boil in warm conditions.

Air filters
Air filters are essential for preventing airborne dirt from entering your engine. We recommend that filters are replaced every 30,000 miles on a V8 and 20,000 miles on a V12 engined model, to maintain optimum engine performance and fuel efficiency.

Checks and updates at every visit
We want to make sure you always get the most out of your Aston Martin, so on every visit your car will receive a free multi-point vehicle health check and any relevant factory updates.




1st year or 10,000 miles

2nd year or 20,000 miles


3rd year or 30,000 miles


4th year or 40,000 miles


5th year or 50,000 miles


6th year or 60,000 miles


7th year or 70,000 miles


V8 (RRP)




£6801, 2




V12 (RRP)




£7611, 6

£8861, 5


£7611, 7

1. Includes brake fluid change, 2. At 40,000 miles Manual Transaxle oil must be replaced add £141, 3. Includes coolant change, 4. At 70,000 miles spark plugs must be replaced add £248, 5. Includes coolant change, 6. At 40,000 miles automatic differential oil must be replaced add £50, 7. At 70,000 miles spark plugs must be replaced add £797


    20,000 miles   20,000 miles 30,000 miles
V8 (RRP) Pollen Filter £80 Air Filter - £357
V12 (RRP) £120 £284 -

*Prices apply if the items are replaced during the scheduled service. **Based on a 1st year or 10,000 mile service on a V8-engined model registered from November 2012. Prices are correct at the time of publication (January 2014) and are subject to change without notice. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and apply to the UK only at participating Aston Martin Lagonda dealerships and authorised service centres. Service prices apply to models registered from November 2012.




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