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Accident Management - Motorparks Servicing Essentials

What is Accident Management and how can it help?

Accident Management is the centralised handling of a motorist's claim following a road traffic collision. It is a service in which motorists have the essentials following a accident taken care off by a single party, saving the motorist from having to speak to and deal with several parties.

What does Accident Management entail?
Accident management covers a whole host of services; which may include 24-hour vehicle recovery, damage assessment, replacement car provision, arrangement of vehicle repairs, liaising with insurers, uninsured loss recovery, determining fault, personal injury assistance and help with paperwork.

When would you need Accident Management? 
|A Motorist would need if there car had been in involved in a traffic collision or had been damaged in any way in which the car needed to be repaired.


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