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Brake Fluid - Need to know

Brake Fluid - Need to know

Your car’s braking system is directly linked to the level and condition of the brake fluid. It can often be that only under extreme circumstances that you notice any problems with the braking system. It is often one of the most neglected items on a car and yet perhaps one of the most important.

What does brake fluid do?  

  • It transforms your force on the brake pedal into pressure to all the essential parts of the braking system which apply the brakes.
  • It has a high boiling point because of the heat that can be generated during braking.

Why do I need to change my brake fluid?  

  • Over time brake fluid will naturally absorb water, this reduces the effectiveness of the brake fluid and in extreme cold could lead to freezing.
  • Once the water content rises above 3%, the performance of the braking system becomes compromised and its time for a change.
  • Water reduces the boiling point of the fluid, air bubbles are created and braking can become ineffective or spongy.
  • You may only be aware of the problem after heavy braking, the brakes will feel spongy and less effective.

Checking the brake fluid
This is actually quite straightforward in most cars. You need to check the brake fluid level in the reservoir. If the fluid is below the “MIN” level or the brake warning light comes on, add brake fluid up to the “MAX” line. If brake fluid has to be added frequently the system has to be thoroughly checked because it may of almost certainly developed a leak which can be hard to identify. If your brake fluid has not been checked for over a year then it is recommended by most manufacturers to measure the boiling point of the fluid. Your Motorparks dealer has the specialist tools necessary to do this with the check being done in minutes.

Why use a recommended brake fluid?
Your Motorparks dealer will have a range of brake fluid and the trained expertise necessary to ensure your car has the correct fluid for even the most sophisticated braking systems.

When should I have my brake fluid changed?
It is recommended that your vehicle’s brake fluid should be replaced approximately every 2 years or 24,000 miles. Each manufacturer may have different recommendations for this, in you are not sure please ask one of our technicians.


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