Tyres - How to check and maintain them

Tyres - How to check and maintain them

Motorparks fully endorse the guidelines set by the Tyre Industry Council. This states that tyres should be considered for changing when the tread depth remaining reaches approximately 3mm (the legal limit is 1.6mm). New tyres will have a minimum of 8mm tread depth.

Motorparks can supply and fit tyres for any make of car, van or 4x4 so no matter what vehicle your family drives we have tyres to fit. Also we are not restricted to any make or brand of tyre, we supply exactly what you need, not what we want to sell.

We recommend that you give your tyres a regular check;

  • Every 2 weeks, check the tyre pressure (preferably when tyres are cold).
  • Check the tread depth across the whole width your tyres - not just the middle.
  • Check your tyres for damage, such as any cuts, cracks or bulges. Cracks indicate excessive use.
  • Don’t forget to check your spare tyre for pressure and tread depth.
  • Check for uneven wearing - it may be you need the wheels re-aligned.

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