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Doves Volvo Service Charter


Doves Volvo Service Charter


Outstanding service as standard. What customers can expect from Doves Volvo, Motorparks.


Our Commitment to you

Getting your car serviced couldn't be easier. At Doves Volvo we are committed to delivering a first-class, honest service, but how do you know what to expect? This page details what you can look forward to from any of our Volvo Service Centres, so you can see exactly what to expect – without surprises. Service is our guarantee of quality for your Volvo. It means expertly trained technicians using the most up-to-date equipment installing only Volvo Genuine Parts – keeping your Volvo a Volvo. What’s more, with Volvo's Driver’s Pledge, if you suspect there’s anything wrong with your Volvo, you can simply take it to your local dealer for a free consultation. No obligation, no pressure – just call in. 
It all adds up to a set of standards designed to give you a level of service that’s never less than outstanding.

Appointments & Estimates

  • If you like, you can take advantage of a while-you-wait service for routine maintenance and repairs – just ask when you book.

  • Doves Volvo will make sure we’ve got the parts, staff, capacity and alternative transport before confirming your appointment.

  • Doves Volvo service and repair times are standardised across all our Service Centres.

  • We will check Volvo central systems and ensure any recalls or upgrades are carried out.

  • We will ask you if any other items need our attention. If they do, we will seek your approval and schedule these in at your convenience.

  • If, for any reason, any of the maintenance we offer differs from the manufacturer’s service schedule, we’ll let you know before the work is carried out.

  • If required, we will give you a detailed estimate of any work needed before we start.

  • We will offer you a range of alternative convenience options including:

  • - Advance Key Drop
    - Taxi/Shuttle Service
    - Collection and Delivery
    - Courtesy Vehicle

On Arrival

  • When you arrive, we will confirm the work that has already been agreed.

  • Where required, we will put your car through a detailed diagnosis before starting work to ensure we get the repairs right first time.

  • If you like, we will provide a qualified member of staff to test drive the car with you.

  • The agreed pick-up time will be noted on the repair order.

  • We will take you through the process for authorisation for any additional work, and agree any authorisation limits with you.

  • If booked (and after discussing and agreeing your insurance requirements) we will provide you with a courtesy vehicle in a clean and tidy condition.


While the work is being carried out

  • All Volvo Service Centres use the latest service schedules for regular maintenance work – a copy will be left for your records.

  • We never allow work to be done by technicians unless they’re fully qualified for the repair being carried out.

  • If for any reason we are unable to complete the work by the time agreed, we will let you know and arrange any changes to your mobility requirements (e.g. courtesy cars) if required.

  • We perform quality audits on a sample of finished vehicles to maintain standards.

On Collection

  • You’ll receive a detailed explanation of work carried out, the invoice and any variations from the initial estimate.

  • We will report any additional items found.

  • All invoices will display the manufacturers’ brand name of all parts used.

  • You can inspect any parts that are replaced (please let us know if you want to do this when you book).

Customer Satisfaction

  • We actively participate in Volvo's customer satisfaction measurement processes and other associated recognition programmes, including regular mystery shops.

  • We have a customer complaint policy in place should you experience any problems.

  • We comply with all recall legislation and manufacturers’ obligations.

  • All customer complaints are logged on receipt, acknowledged and dealt with.

  • If you find you are not satisfied that your complaint has been resolved, please contact Customer Services on 08457 564 636.


Facilities, Environment

  • You’re free to enjoy a range of refreshments in our comfortable waiting area – while your children can enjoy the play area.
  • Access and facilities for disabled customers are provided.
  • Doves Volvo workshops carry the latest diagnostic and repair tools (including specialist Volvo equipment) to make repairs efficient and thorough.
  • The Doves Volvo workshop team are fully aware of our environmental commitments and will be happy to answer any questions you may have, or direct you to someone who can.
  • All personnel (where relevant) are trained in minimising local environmental impact (e.g. noise, energy use, water use and proper waste management).




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