Vauxhall Viva

The new Vauxhall Viva is available to buy from your local Motorparks dealership.

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Vauxhall Viva

The new Vauxhall Viva has big car features, small car economy and at a very attractive price which makes this the small car that it seriously good value for money.


Stylish Driving

The stylish new Vauxhall Viva is a nippy car designed for city-centre driving but more than capable of catering to longer journeys thanks to its spaciously designed cabin. Powered by a 1.0l, three-cylinder engine, the Viva offers the driver a smooth dose of acceleration, reaching 60mph in 13.0 seconds. An industry leader in its class, the Viva boasts economic prowess in terms of mpg, returning an impressive 62.8.

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New Vauxhall Viva


Exterior Design

The pioneering new lights system launched by Vauxhall is present in the Viva, keeping you safe at all times. Daytime running lights enhance your visibility during sunlight hours, while the savvy cornering lights ensure every part of the bend is accessible to the eye.

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New Vauxhall Viva - Exterior Design


Interior Design

The more than generous engine capacity has not paved way for comfort within the cabin, as the new Vauxhall Viva offers up an incredible 1,000 litre inner capacity. Five people can travel with unrestricted ease, however, when taxiing considerable shopping or luggage, fold the rear seats using the 60/40 split and unlock a significantly more space. Climbing into a cold car is never enjoyable but the new Vauxhall Viva diminishes those fears on a freezing winter morning, thanks to a heated steering wheel, or heated seats as optional.

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New Vauxhall Viva - Interior Design


Connectivity & Assistance

Choose between the R3.0 and R4.0 IntelliLink systems for in-car communication. The R4.0 offers a 7” touch screen built into the ergonomically designed dash, Bluetooth radio, and hands-free phone access. Due to the clever positioning of the controls, you can reach your phone book without taking your hands off the wheel. The innovative lane departure warning system ensures you say safe at all times, while the cruise control function allows you that little extra touch of relaxation on longer journeys. Rear parking assist and hill start assist also come as standard, guaranteeing a reduction in effort on every drive.

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New Vauxhall Viva - Technology


An Array Of Options

Choose between an array of paint designs, including the illustrious ‘Lava Red', or the subtle tone of ‘Mineral black'. Likewise, opt between the SE model or the SE A/C, to suit your personal preferences.

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New Vauxhall Viva - Personalisation

To discover more about the Vauxhall Viva, or to book a test drive, get in contact with your local Vauxhall dealership today.

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