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Volvo XC40

'What Car' Car Of The Year 2018

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Volvo XC40

Available to order here at Motorparks, the car is filled with various innovative features and boasts an expressive design and incredible storage capabilities. Other notable features of the new XC40 include an exterior of stylish angular edges and lines, as well as the inclusion of striking Thor’s Hammer headlights.


City Confidence

The new Volvo XC40 comes complete with T5 and D4 engines with all-wheel-drive capabilities. Both engines are true high-performance units and able to deliver 39.2 and 55.4 mpg respectively.

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Volvo XC40 - Performance


Bold by Design

Due to its compact exterior design, the new Volvo XC40 is a joy to drive even in bustling city centres. Prepare to be amazed by how spacious this compact SUV’s cabin is the first time you step behind the car’s wheel too. With it being 4.4 metres long and 1.8 metres wide, there is no denying that the new XC40 features a compact exterior that has been designed for life in the city. From the compact SUV’s T-shaped light signature array to its sporty spoiler and deliberately dented doors, there is so much to grab your attention when checking out the outside of this vehicle too.

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Volvo XC40 - Exterior Design
A place for everything

The new Volvo XC40’s cabin features some smart storage features, including a space in the door that is large enough to safely house a laptop or up to three big water bottles at once and a hook within the glove compartment to securely hold a bag. You are also sure to feel incredibly relaxed in this compact SUV, with a panoramic roof designed to flood the entire interior in natural light and ambient LED lighting creating a tranquil scene when driving at night.

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Volvo XC40 - Interior Design


More than just a car

Make life easier when driving by making use of the new Volvo XC40’s smart tech features. The car’s 360° Camera works to create a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle as seen from above, for instance, so that you know exactly where the compact SUV is in relation to nearby objects. Then there’s the space underneath the vehicle’s centre touchscreen dashboard, which is not only large enough to store your mobile phone but can wirelessly charge the device too.

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Volvo XC40 - Technology


The XC40, your way

Hoping to make the new Volvo XC40 your next set of wheels? Your next decision will be to select between three equally impressive variants — the Momentum, the R-Design or the Inscription.

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Volvo XC40 - Personalisation

Discover your new XC40 in our range below. Don’t forget to take a look at our full collection of Volvo vehicles. You can book a test drive of any new vehicle that catches your eye too, to take place at our Volvo PrestonVolvo GatwickVolvo Horsham or Volvo Croydon dealerships.

Volvo XC40 at Motorparks Volvo
Volvo XC40 at Doves Volvo

Volvo XC40 - Designed to make your life easier

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