Which type of car are you?

Do you mainly drive alone?
Do you need space for a lot of passengers?
Do you have a big family?
Do you need room for more than five passengers?
Are you the Waltons?
Fair enough, but you need a big car?
Okay, five or less then?
Do you have a lot of friends that need driven around?
Do you need space for two or more people?
Are you a bit of a show-off?
Do you like the wind in your hair?
Are you having a mid-life crisis?
Do you still feel young?
Do you mainly drive in the city?
Do you often drive on motorways?
Will you need to drive off-road?
Are you afraid of a little mud?
All the time?
Do you have to contend with a lot of tight parking spaces?
Do you have to make a lot of road trips with children?
Do you often find yourself acting as the taxi driver?
A mixture of city roads and motorways?
How about country roads?
Do you need room for a dog in the boot?
Do you enjoy going on IKEA expeditions?


Live life in the fast lane!


We're pretty sure you should be in a family sitcom.


Perfect for zipping to & from the office.
You'll see a lot of these come rush hour!


Where you're going you don't need roads!

A 4x4!

Rugged country trails are no match
against the horse power of a 4x4.

A 4x4!

Keep it clean as you drive along those country trails.


Saloons and estates are your best friends.
How else would you transport your cumbersome Swedish Cargo?.


A good all-rounder if you need to squeeze
a couple passengers in the back.


Start again and this time don't lie to me!




Which type of car are you - An interactive guide to help you find the car that is right for your needs courtesy of Mr Motorparks. Take the test now, find your perfect new car.